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Full Home Renovations Cheshire

Elliott Construction are an experienced construction company based in the North West of England and are here to help you achieve your dream home. Whether you have just bought a property that you are looking to rip out from top to bottom or your current home is in need of a new construction project.  By working with you on an individual basis, we are able to create your dream home by offering full house renovations to adapt to your growing family. The beauty about renovating is that the structure of your home is already in place and it’s all about the interior design and layout, although you can combine renovating and extending depending on your needs.


A home renovation can include completely changing the interior design of the house but can also include different extensions such as a two-storey extension or kitchen extension. Each service can be under the umbrella of renovation.

Creating Your Dream Home In The North West

As one of the most trusted construction companies in Cheshire, we work alongside you when renovating a property to ensure you are going to get the results you want and also offer you an insight into new and bespoke ways you can remodel your home. Renovating allows you to start from scratch with the base of the structure already in place, which is a great way to visualise how you want the final project to look.  Another great advantage of fully renovating your home rather than buying new is that you can tailor your budget and spec to a price you’re comfortable with, allowing you to include as many or as few bespoke features as you please.


If what you want is a stunning new house that you can show off to your nearest and dearest, whilst also having a bit of a challenge, then home renovations are for you. When implemented correctly, a house renovation can be one of the smartest decisions you make, especially if you are the one that winds up living in the new space that has been created.

Elliott Construction New Builds and Extensions
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Cheshire Renovations: Project Management From Start To Finish

Similar to many other home building projects, a house renovation can be costly, particularly if you are wanting a big change. However, even if you are just wanting a small improvement project, you can be certain that we will still complete it to the best quality and high standard that we provide to all of our building projects.


Renovating a home can be a daunting task but rest assured, our helpful and friendly team will guide you through the process. If you think you want to renovate your home or property, then get in touch today to discuss the process and book a consultation with a dedicated project manager from Elliott Construction.


Sometimes it will work out more expensive to buy a completely new property or build a house from scratch than it is to simply just renovate. This is why house renovations can have a higher advantage than new builds. A big advantage that renovations offer is the potential to refresh and uplift any original features that the house already has and therefore build upon what is already provided. Not only this, but home renovations can help to increase the value of the property for an excellent uplift in the selling price.

Renovation Services In The North West

Elliott Construction pride themselves on having the best project management. From the initial enquiry to the final product, we make sure that everything goes as smoothly as it can and with our professional team of reliable builders, your house will be completed to the highest quality.
With new builds, you will reap high benefits. You will receive up to date security and safety systems, a more environmentally friendly building project, longer lasting foundations, a better appreciation of your surroundings and generally more of a say into how the final project looks.
Complete new house builds can be quite the commitment, so why not add to your home instead? A kitchen extension, bedroom extension or a conservatory, each will add something spectacular to your home without all of the cost and time that comes with new builds.
Many people have a loft in their home, and most of those people will have a loft with nothing but old memories, dust and broken floorboards. With Elliott Construction, you can turn that horror story into something much more inviting.
Loft Conversions

Service Locations

Elliott Construction is recognised throughout the North West of England, covering the best places to live in Cheshire and has completed projects in the following locations:

We are respected and trusted Cheshire builders and no project is too much for our extensive skill set.