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Get the Perfectly Designed Kitchen Extension

One of the most popular reasons for building an extension, creating a bigger kitchen space is a great way to curate a new hub of the family home. 


From small side returns on a terrace house to full-width rear extensions on semi-detached properties, kitchen extensions offer the chance to rearrange a layout that doesn’t quite work for your lifestyle and can give a tired home a new lease of life. 


Whether you’re working with an architect, designer or doing the planning on a DIY basis, hunting around to find kitchen ideas, designs, and styles that inspire you, or would work with your existing home, is a fantastic starting point to work out a priority list. Try to consider what the new kitchen space will be used for. Kitchens are rarely used simple to cook in anymore, so considering family seating, a small home office space or a children’s play area will help kick start the layout. 


Creating much-needed space with a rear kitchen extension can transform a semi-detached home. It’s not often this style of home is organized to make the most of garden views or to house a large, open-plan cooking area so extending to the back can unlock their potential.

Open up a dark and pokey galley kitchen with a wrap-around extension. Extending out to the rear and side will not only increase a home’s value but rearranging the existing rooms to suit a particular lifestyle will also make the layout flow more easily. 

Kitchen extensions don’t have to be huge, sprawling designs to transform an existing house. By utilizing large glazing and window styles and other small kitchen extension ideas, a greater connection with the garden can be established without making it smaller.

Bifold or sliding patio doors are fantastic options that offer views out all year round while getting inspired by orangery designs and installing a large roof lantern can bring in plenty of natural light to the new space.  

While a brand new kitchen bespoke to the space and your lifestyle is extremely tempting during a project, considering a second-hand kitchen is an amazing way to cut costs or get a higher-quality finish for less. 

Open plan has long dominated kitchen extension layout designs, and for good reason, but be sure to take the time to organize the space from the early planning stages. 

Utilising the wasted space to the side of a terrace house is one of the most popular extension designs. Essentially doubling the size of the kitchen space, often a dining or sitting area is created.