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House Extensions Nantwich

As your building contractor of choice, Elliott Construction will help you to optimise the space surrounding your home to alter the way you live inside it.


House extensions are a great option when you are needing extra space. Say your family is growing? Or you’ve become really interested in cooking and baking? You need that extra room to create a living space that the whole family can join. Try different Cheshire house extensions throughout your home to allow for the space you need. For example, a kitchen extension would be perfect for your growing hobby, or a first floor/rear extension would be great to adapt to the growing numbers of your family.

Your Choice Of House Extension

Our company has an extensive portfolio of some of the best house extensions in Nantwich. We take pride in our levels of workmanship and the results we achieve, so we are always happy to share examples of our previous house extension projects during initial consultations with you.


Home extensions, rear extensions, single storey extensions, double storey extensions, kitchens, bathrooms, barn conversions, and more are among our completed projects in the Nantwich area.

House Extensions Cheshire

Bespoke Extensions

As a bespoke project, house extensions take on any form you want them to; be it a home office, an entertainment centre, a single-storey rear extension, a second living room, a new bathroom, or kitchen extensions. The possibilities are endless. As a construction company and extension builders, we work with you every step of the way to ensure your new space is exactly what you envisioned.


A new space for you could create a wonderful new experience. You could have a space that others would be envious of. Think about a ground floor extension with ceiling to floor windows, bringing in loads of natural light. Or a kitchen extension to bring in that island you’ve always wanted. With Elliott Construction, no dream is too big.

Building Services: House Extensions in Nantwich

As your building contractor, we always ensure our work adheres to your own concepts and ideas, to ensure a finished structure that fits the intended purpose, complies with Building Regulations, and increases the resale value of your property.


We want to make sure that any house extensions that are planned, are to your wants and needs but also within any planning permission or house extension costs.


If a first-floor extension, rear extension, or any other home extension is not what you need, then we offer many other services to make your house into a home.

Starting construction projects from scratch means that we can create something brand new, that no one else has thought of. A completely new building that has been made for you. Our team will leave you with a breath of fresh air and a new beginning.

If you're situated in the North West, Elliott Construction are here for your home building needs. Get what you want, a house fashioned into a home.
Take that existing house and renovate it so that you can enjoy the space more. All of our customers can make use of all of the building work we offer to guarantee an exciting change for all homeowners.
It is always a smart idea to maximise space. If there is lots of room outside of your home, take that as an advantage and produce something wonderful that can be used to create more space around your property. More space = more opportunities.
We can offer house extensions, first floor extensions, kitchen extensions, rear extensions, complete new builds, and renovations. What we can also offer are loft conversions. Changing something usually full of cobwebs and spiders, into something of value in your home.
Loft Conversions

Nantwich Home Extensions FAQ's

How Can I Extend My House Cheaply?

When getting an extension, you can consider the value it is bringing to the property. You want to make sure that you are increasing the value in some way. To have a house extension job done more affordably, you can make the plan more simple, use easier construction materials, etc. Make a plan for what YOU can afford for your building project.

Are House Extensions Worth It?

We think that a house extension is definitely worth it if what you’re looking for is to gain the benefits of the space around you. If you choose the right space to extend and with your dream design in mind, then it is worth it. You may feel differently as the financial investment can be great, but once everything is complete, you will reap the benefits.

Do I Need Planning Permission For A House Extension in Nantwich?

There are certain house extensions that you can have without needing to go to your local council.

  • You only want to extend less than 50% of the land.

  • The height of the extension is not taller than the original house roof.

  • The house extension does not include a balcony or veranda.

  • Any existing roofs cannot be tampered with.

  • A house extension can go ahead as long as a satellite or antenna is not needed.

House Extensions In Nantwich & Cheshire

As leading Nantwich builders and architects, we provide a vast amount of home extension services and products to the North West, including the following areas:

We are respected and trusted Cheshire builders and no project is too much for our extensive skill set.